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          What China does is important for the world, and what China does, even domestically, has implications for the world, he said.[2020-09-7]
          The premier hoped the countries, the worlds largest economies, can properly handle differences, respect each others core interests and major concerns, and look at the bigger picture and long-term perspective.[2020-09-1]
          Therefore, the financial system and the business world have to adapt in the same way the 2030 agenda adapts everything else.[2020-09-16]
          Editors note: The Foreign Ministry released documents making clear Vietnams provocation and Chinas stance regarding the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea on Sunday.[2020-09-26]
          China aims to have a relatively well-developed industrial robot industry by 2020,with three to five internationally competitive companies and eight to 10 supporting industrial clusters.[2020-09-3]
          A girl was sold for about 60,000 yuan (,677.[2020-09-17]
          ROME - A United Nations committee on Wednesday slammed the Vatican for adopting policies that allegedly allowed priests to abuse children with impunity, and asked all priests known or suspected to be abusers to be removed immediately.[2020-09-16]
          KUNMING - Three people have taken surgeries after they were injured in a shooting spree which left six dead in southwest Chinas Yunnan Province, local government said Saturday.[2020-09-31]
          Staff member works on flowers which will be used in the main parterre at the Tiananmen Square, Beijing on Sept 29.[2020-09-9]
          The more than 500 million consumers on Alibabas platforms are upgrading their lifestyles and yearning for high-quality American products, resulting in a drastic increase in online shopping, with the majority of which conducted through mobile devices.[2020-09-17]
          6 billion, according to Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shunkang.[2018-6-31]
          Funeka Yazini April, a research specialist at the Africa Institute of South Africa, the Pretoria-based think tank and research organization, says the book deals with some deep development issues.[2015-11-18]
          Ning Gaoning, chairman of China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corp, attends the economy summit of China development forum 2015 at Diaoyutai in Beijing city, March 21, 2015.[2018-9-3]
          95 million square meters of property remained unsold in China, down 4.[2016-1-31]
          Other relics include the sword, two bronze spears and a bronze dagger-axe.[2018-7-27]
          Torrential rain and storms will hit the regions in the next three days, with precipitation up to 170 mm.[2018-5-29]
          Despite the guidelines, some local authorities reportedly have disregarded the self-review process since it was not mandatory.[2017-8-25]
          The K9 model of the companys electric buses has been successfully marketed in Europe including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Austria.[2016-7-31]
          These students are opting for a pilot program that allows them to take independent entrance exams for vocational schools.[2017-1-6]
          And due to the adoption of foreign hits, baba dancing is now not just for the elderly.[2017-1-13]
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