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          Its European headquarters is in the Netherlands.[2020-09-15]
          Students can choose one or several and buy them from a store on campus or online.[2020-09-6]
          Except for a smartphone, the German man had nothing else in his pockets.[2020-09-27]
          [Photo / dfic] More talent to be sought as the nation eyes special policy to boost its appealChina will speed up the exploration of immigration policies this year to attract skilled foreign workers, a senior official said on Thursday.[2020-09-22]
          5 billion yuan (1 million) in direct economic losses, Yunnans civil affairs department said.[2020-09-23]
          31, the State-run Shanghai Securities Journal reported.[2020-09-14]
          Some of the most important counties specialize in different flowers: Zhangpu in butterfly orchids and miniature trees, Nanjing in traditional Chinese orchids and Longhai in daffodils.[2020-09-14]
          The governors names and contact details are published in the media.[2020-09-15]
          Related:Former national political advisor under bribery probePetitioners arrested in demolition caseSeven petitioners have been arrested after drinking pesticide at the gate of the China Youth Daily on July 16, while 14 officials from Sihong county, Jiangsu province, were punished for irregularities in a demolition project.[2020-09-11]
          Im going to make a travel plan and pack my stuff.[2020-09-19]
          The alliance will be based on an online platform, zhenhaipifa, which is believed to be the countrys first e-commerce platform to promote wholesale market business.[2018-9-2]
          In contrast, more than 100,000 Chinese received permanent residence in other countries annually in recent years.[2018-9-22]
          Vice-Minister of Finance Shi Yaobin, another panelist, also said that while the initiative originated in China, the Belt and Road Initiative will benefit the entire world.[2018-6-29]
          Chen called for tougher scrutiny and stricter control over pharmaceutical purchases, as well as urged efforts to set up a system that will prevent hospitals from profiting from medication sales in order to deter excessive prescriptions.[2016-2-19]
          XIAN - Seated on a heated brick bed, senior Chinese leader Liu Yunshan put on a pair of homemade black cloth shoes, a gift from the owner of the traditional cave dwelling in northwest China.[2017-2-8]
          5 are organic pollutants, 17 percent are nitrate and 16 percent are sulfate, it said.[2017-1-6]
          In cases where people die because of adulterated food, the culprits could receive a life sentence.[2017-10-17]
          [Photo by Wu Zhiyi/Asianewsphoto] BEIJING - President Hu Jintao on Wednesday vowed to create a fresh start for China-Colombia relations during his meeting with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.[2017-10-1]
          The seven-storey pagoda was built in the Ming Dynasty and it is unknown when the top storeys collapsed.[2017-12-23]
          BEIJING - A new cold front is expected to sweep across north China and bring snow storms in northeastern provinces, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) forecast Sunday.[2015-3-15]
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