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          A childrens education center in Shenyang, Liaoning province.[2020-09-4]
          Foxconn raised overly-strict demands on product quality without providing worker training for the corresponding skills.[2020-09-31]
          The Chinese government has pledged to cut the energy use per unit of GDP by 16 percent by 2015 from the level in 2011, while lifting non-fossil fuel energy usage to 11.[2020-09-26]
          As a result, netizens have suggested various ways to help German fishermen to solve this problem.[2020-09-1]
          Slower growth of domestic demand and supply and contracting energy-intensive industries have dragged down the pace of expansion of the manufacturing sector, Zhao said.[2020-09-12]
          How to integrate the financial market with industrial upgrading will be a key for the two provinces, he said.[2020-09-30]
          She expressed optimism that the initiative would bring inclusive economic growth to Indonesia.[2020-09-21]
          South Beauty dropped its first attempt to go public in January.[2020-09-25]
          But this year, seven typhoons formed, with an average wind speed of 38 meters per second, affecting most parts of the country, Gao Suanzhu, a senior engineer at the center said.[2020-09-27]
          Suning, another e-commerce platform in China, operates a China-ASEAN e-commerce platform, which was established in late 2016.[2020-09-5]
          Where is the network of charging points that will be required? Indeed where is the power and the grid? Ralf Speth, chief executive of Britains Jaguar Land Rover, asked.[2016-9-12]
          The World Health Organization has said that PM2.[2018-8-26]
          4 billion) last year, double that of 2011.[2019-5-19]
          Li and Netanyahu witnessed the signing of four documents on economy, science, commerce and civil aviation.[2018-9-1]
          But consumers are not too happy with the high fees charged for each transaction.[2018-4-14]
          A common approach to protecting our global commons is required, Waughray emphasized, in view of the environmental deterioration and declining biodiversity.[2018-10-11]
          Under this backdrop, Henkel has continued investing to increase R&D strength and production capacity in China by establishing the worlds largest adhesives plant, the Dragon Plant, and the Henkel Display Center, in China.[2015-6-17]
          I never thought I would feel so tired but this time I did not stop, I just continued climbing it slowly.[2017-4-20]
          COA President Wang also advocated promotion of medical liability insurance which is suitable for both doctors and patients and ensuring the doctors self-protection and rights.[2015-9-25]
          Yet while Chinas auto manufacturing base has expanded rapidly, its own automakers still struggle to compete with Western rivals.[2016-3-9]
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