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          According to zoologists, the animal traveled to China from Russia in search of food or other animals for mating.[2020-09-9]
          China uses a four-tier color-coded weather warning system, with red representing the most severe weather, followed by orange, yellow and blue.[2020-09-13]
          Solving the problem of inaccessible and expensive medical care is an important part of the federations work, said Fan Baojun, the CCFs former head.[2020-09-10]
          A high-speed rail fever has hit Turpan residents.[2020-09-28]
          Ltd in Chenzhou City, according to the municipal government.[2020-09-21]
          5 is a gauge that monitors fine particulate matter with a diameter of 2.[2020-09-28]
          People have to wait to see if Yang Mi, main actress from the former two sequels will star in the film.[2020-09-14]
          But after I heard President Xis speech, I feel the motivation to sing more songs for the people.[2020-09-5]
          We ask for understanding that we cannot give running updates on his condition.[2020-09-30]
          The winners of The power of peace - A new generation of the most lovely men photography collection activity for competition have been announced in Beijing recently.[2020-09-14]
          After Zheng made his purchase, an increasing number of reports said Chinas real estate market was showing signs of cooling.[2016-8-24]
          9 days on average between Jan 1 and 28, which was 1.[2019-8-4]
          With globalization and regional economic integration, the countrys commodities, technologies, brands and capital are moving into overseas markets at a rapid pace.[2017-6-22]
          The other killed people included Bilours personal secretary and a senior police officer who was guarding political leaders in the gathering.[2018-8-24]
          This August, a case of genetically modified corn seeds triggered hot public attention, as over 3638 mu (598 acres) of unlicensed GM maize fields in Shaanxi province was weeded out compulsively.[2016-8-13]
          But cockroaches are tough, and an ever-changing approach has to be adopted to counteract their resistance, Zeng said.[2015-12-6]
          One concerned bilateral ties focusing on the development of China-Russia cooperation in various fields.[2016-4-30]
          [Photo/Xinhua]Representing the non-communist members, Chen Zhu, chairman of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, said the eight democratic parties will stand closely with the CPC, supporting reforms of the country with bigger contributions.[2015-4-17]
          [Photo by Huang Zhiling/Asianewsphoto].[2016-8-6]
          The issue has become increasingly pressing as Chinas e-commerce market has jumped to the worlds largest.[2019-5-22]
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