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          General aviation industry in China is in its infancy, experts said.[2020-09-15]
          The discussions with countries that comprise the TPP, particularly Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia or Singapore, can be bilateral or through a subgroup of countries, he added.[2020-09-28]
          All of our companys 4,000 machines have been equipped with mobile payment devices, said Li Rongwang, operations and technology director at Guangzhou Star Nigel Trade Co Ltd.[2020-09-29]
          According to Rauner, there are over 400 companies in Illinois that have invested and have businesses in China.[2020-09-18]
          After testing completed, licences will be issued for 4G phones to be sold in China.[2020-09-28]
          So we decided to turn to religious groups to spread TB prevention, he noted.[2020-09-4]
          When his parents received these orders in the amount of several hundred yuan or more, they were overjoyed.[2020-09-1]
          I walk around the street more often than other workers – just to find and clean trash left,” Yin said.[2020-09-13]
          The outcome was roughly in line with Chinas official non-manufacturing PMI on September 3,2013, which showed the services sector grew steadily in August as domestic demand picked up.[2020-09-31]
          5 intensity is expected to be reduced to 60 micrograms per cubic meter as of 2017 and 35 micrograms per cubic meter as of 2030, from the current 89.[2020-09-30]
          Kuang Linhua / China DailyNine-year-old Wang Lin sat in the passageway of a pedestrian bridge at the busy Beijing West Railway Station with his father on Tuesday afternoon, waiting for their train to Xining, Northwest Chinas Qinghai province.[2019-9-10]
          I even did not make any names for the characters, as they can be our names, Rambert says.[2015-2-3]
          2 percent year on year in 2012 to reach 81.[2015-7-2]
          The changes come as the worlds largest retailer changes its China strategy toward quality from rapid expansion and quantity.[2018-5-19]
          The busy roads, together with poor weather conditions in some regions, have made the homeward trips quite an adventure for some passengers.[2017-9-23]
          61 billion) during the 24-hour festival in 2012, according to the China Consumers Association.[2017-12-2]
          We would rather have an alliance with a major Chinese automaker than with some European companies — for example, the German ones, he added.[2017-4-25]
          Residents have been streaming in since the facilities opened to the public, said Xie Lihua, deputy head of the subdistricts office.[2019-2-25]
          Airbus parent European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co had said the levies might cause China to refuse to take its planes.[2018-8-16]
          Im always working hard to be there to score the goals and to improve.[2017-11-14]
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