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          Asked about the challenges CEFC faces in promoting understanding related to Chinas emerging position in the world, Ho said the biggest problem was highlighting Chinas big GDP - and its status as the worlds second-largest economy - while the country grapples with myriad domestic concerns, such as pollution, corruption and poverty.[2020-09-21]
          It is expected to hammer south Chinas Pearl River Delta some time between Sunday evening and Monday morning.[2020-09-8]
          Both diplomats were accused of being Communist sympathizers and driven from their careers at the State Department, in part because of the honest reports they had filed.[2020-09-27]
          In another case this week, a 27-year-old man, surnamed Huang, put his mobile phone into a womans skirt for sneak shots while pretending to squat down and tie his shoe on a subway platform in Shanghai on Tuesday.[2020-09-3]
          A tourist watches butterflies at Beijing Botanical Garden on Monday.[2020-09-2]
          Eighteen producers of edible gelatin were investigated, and one batch of one companys products was found to contain excessive levels of chromium, the SFDA said, adding that 74 batches of products from 15 gel capsule producers were also found to contain excessive amounts of chromium.[2020-09-22]
          Wang said that leaders such as Xi and Premier Li Keqiang, born after the foundation of New China in 1949, have fewer historical burdens but bigger global ambitions.[2020-09-2]
          Karavias says the large-scale infrastructure needs of the Belt and Road Initiative could change how global capital is mobilized to unlock infrastructure investment, if private sector investors are willing to provide financing.[2020-09-15]
          In 2008, China revised its law on the Protection of Disabled Persons, which now says that blind and visually impaired people must be provided with Braille and audio materials and assistance from staff members when they take exams.[2020-09-12]
          Following the benchmark tests, the robots wowed the audience a second time in the finals, which consisted of tasks that were designed by each team on their own.[2020-09-6]
          Car washing women clad in bikinis cause online stir, teenager dies from working out, rich dad unable to save dying son and UN civil servant jobs in China become harder to get, its all trending now across China.[2015-7-1]
          From January to April of this year, enterprises in the zone have dealt with 6,166 bonded businesses, a year-on-year growth of 11.[2016-9-26]
          Some local governments also need to transfer some SOE stock rights to pay impending debts, especially after the central government ordered strengthened regulation and supervision of lucrative land transfers.[2019-7-17]
          President Xi Jinping receives the Order of St.[2019-7-2]
          6- magnitude quake in Ludian — the same area that was hit on Sunday — four people died and 594 people were injured.[2015-8-26]
          As more of nations most innovative companies gain global prominence, perceptions about their quality are changing Huawei, Haier and Wanda are among the major players paving the way for the next wave of global Chinese brands, which are likely to rely on innovation and technological prowess to succeed.[2018-1-8]
          As we increase rental bicycles there, the usage rate per bike is still growing, Dai said.[2019-12-21]
          The nominations for the Golden Globe awards have just been announced with a few surprises thrown up.[2017-8-11]
          Such weather can cause, at best, sunburn and, at worst, heatstroke, with a spectrum of symptoms in between, such as headaches, bubbling colds, mouth ulcers, indigestion and low spirits.[2017-7-13]
          More than 20,000 live poultry have been slaughtered in the city.[2017-3-4]
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