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          Ive been in China long enough to see the good and the bad.[2020-09-17]
          In payment for the performance, Huang remitted 90,000 yuan to Beis personal bank account.[2020-09-19]
          1 percentage point from its April forecast.[2020-09-3]
          Not that the elders were left out of the event.[2020-09-7]
          But I had a happy childhood, Yu says.[2020-09-30]
          The new models typically travel at speeds of around 350 kilometers per hour but are capable of reaching 400 km/h.[2020-09-28]
          Families patience wearing thinPrayers for missing flight MH370.[2020-09-31]
          3 billion last month, down from billion in September.[2020-09-28]
          3 percent year-on-year, according to the General Administration of Customs.[2020-09-26]
          Zhuangs remarks come at a time when China is switching from the old investment- and export-driven model toward one mainly driven by consumption.[2020-09-12]
          During the 10-day travel rush, railway authorities put an extra 1,000 trains in service to cope with the surging demand, including about 800 high-speed bullet trains.[2019-9-31]
          Relatives of a victim cries at the landslide scene in Sanxi village of Dujiangyan city, Southwest Chinas Sichuan province, July 13, 2013.[2019-6-27]
          So this year, we remained to accept group registration because it is convenient for the Japanese participants to look after each other and also it is easy to handle in terms of picking up competition numbers and outfits.[2017-3-29]
          People often say that climbing Kilimanjaro is not very hard, but we must be well-prepared.[2015-11-2]
          Rescue efforts of the two landslides are under way.[2017-2-2]
          Yan Zhengbin, vice head of the public security administration division of the MPS, told China Central Television in an interview that the MPS is normalizing the practice of armed patrols in big cities and areas with complicated public security situations to make China safer.[2015-1-13]
          3 percent, widening from 0.[2019-5-11]
          Judicial authorities must step in with aid.[2019-2-4]
          Uncle Luo, you have created an immortal monument for all of us Chinese, and I respect you.[2019-5-28]
          Yang Weidong, a law professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, spoke highly of the meeting, saying it will accelerate the reforms approved by the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in November.[2017-9-16]
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