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          The first of those, on Nov 15, 2003, caused five deaths and injured 29, while the most recent before Sundays, a magnitude-5.[2020-09-29]
          Together with the appointment of another director, the bidders will have control of four of the seven board seats.[2020-09-14]
          Around 660 million trips will be made on roads and waters, averaging 82.[2020-09-4]
          A man was stabbed in a fight on Shanghais Metro Line 2 on Monday morning, hurting a woman nearby.[2020-09-2]
          But the country remains behind in terms of the complexity of tasks Chinese-made robots can handle, Wyatt said.[2020-09-7]
          The robot market in the future could surpass that for cars, covering military, manufacturing and service industries, Bi said.[2020-09-22]
          Beijing lodged protests in Manila over the move, which infringed on Chinas sovereignty, but the impasse didnt end as Manila continued to send government vessels to the Huangyan Island lagoon.[2020-09-9]
          7 percent to 33 million yuan in the first half of 2014.[2020-09-30]
          The Uruguayan federation was preparing an urgent appeal, as Suarez headed home.[2020-09-19]
          Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd, the biggest cement producer in the nation, retreated by more than 3 percent in both Shanghai and Hong Kong.[2020-09-11]
          The funds will provide subsidies for the rental, purchase or rebuilding of low-rent housing units, the ministry said.[2019-2-24]
          The railway is designed to handle maximum train speeds of 350 kilometers per hour.[2017-3-21]
          So I have to force myself into reading each and every popular article that is widely circulated among my virtual contacts, because otherwise I cannot even start a dialogue and would be treated as an outsider.[2018-11-2]
          Many beggars sit on the road waiting for alms.[2016-5-11]
          That could potentially fl ow through to about 1,500 pounds (,920) on the price of any vehicle, any imported vehicle from Europe sold in the UK.[2018-7-27]
          The government admitted to having “a high level of reserves” but did not divulge the exact figure.[2017-4-22]
          [Photo/IC]The National Development and Reform Commission, Chinas top economic planner, on Monday levied a total of 407 million yuan (.[2015-9-9]
          Disciples who successfully finish the course can apply for a masters or doctoral degree in TCM clinical medicine.[2018-4-8]
          Police said they intercepted the mothers car at a toll station in Guangdong after receiving instructions to do so on Saturday morning.[2019-1-31]
          5% of Beijing residents accept the need to build an auxiliary capital to address its megacity woes, according to a survey published on Thursday.[2019-6-6]
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